2020 New Garden CGDF Applications

If you are an Ottawa Community Housing group please contact the coordinator at the number below.

Applications to the CGDF can be submitted year round.  They will be assessed as they are received.

Applications received during 2020 will be assessed on an ongoing basis, as opposed to a single deadline each winter.  While it is likely that most gardens applying in 2020 will receive funding in 2020, it is possible that some will not be able to access funding until 2020.      We are also seeking sponsorship opportunities for 2020 gardens to help fund as many gardens as are ready.

Prospective gardens will have different needs for land access approvals depending on who owns the land the garden is seeking to use.  Gardens wishing to build on City-owned land will take longer to approve. For those wishing to build on City-owned land in 2020, we strongly recommend you get your proposal in by the end of May 2020.

Those interested in building on National Capital Commission Urban Lands, the NCC conducted a pilot garden in 2017.  There are also gardens on NCC Greenbelt lands. Please contact the coordinator at communitygardening@justfood.ca for more information.

If you would like to mail, email, or fax in the application here is the downloadable file:


Community Gardening Network Coordinator:
Sun Shan
(613) 824-7771

Just Food
Community Gardening Network
2391 Pepin Crt.
K1B 4Z3

For applications in french: http://www.alimentationjuste.ca/reseau-des-jardins-communautaires-dottawa/fonds-de-developpement-des-jardins-communautaires/

Garden Details

Maximum upload size: 2.1MB
Either attach permission letter or email it to communitygardening@justfood.ca

Contact Information

Contact information of 3 core group members:
Person 1
Person 2
Person 3
Doesn't have to be specific. Only month and year.
This could be an individual, or an organization, etc.
This is for in the event the funding cannot be disbursed in person

Community Support

Maximum upload size: 2.1MB
Please attach the documents or email them to communitygardening@justfood.ca

Project Details

Describe Particular Project Details:
Please describe your water plan. Please include details on: where the water source is, whether it is confirmed, how that water will get to the garden space. How long the hose is that will be required to fill the vessels, and what vessels are used to store water in the garden.
How will the garden be developed? Please include details on all of the following: bed construction, topsoil delivery, compost, mulch, pathways material, what will be done to ensure property owners' assets are not damaged.
Maximum upload size: 2.1MB
Applications must include a site plan that outlines where the plots, compost bins, water source/vessels, shed any other notable features in the garden will be. Please indicate accessible plots on your site plan and label the accessible pathway if applicable. It is very helpful to also include a contextualization site plan that shows where the site is in relation to the larger property. Lastly, for gardens on City Land, if you are building a shed, perigola, arbour, or anything else please submit the specifications for the feature. On this diagram please provide dimensions, footing, materials, design, installation details, and anything else that may be relevant– the more details the better.
How will it be structured? What positions or committees exist (if applicable)? How can interested gardeners/volunteers access positions or be included in decision making?
I.E. volunteer hours, communal tasks, etc...
I.E. expected hours for set up and steering volunteers, accountability, expected responsibilities.
How will the garden operate? Please include details on how the site will be accessed by gardeners, where tools will be stored, parking, how public access to the garden will be managed, how you will manage your garden's compost.
How will the aesthetics of the site be managed? Please include details on: On-going site maintenance, pathway maintenance, end of year garden closure, dealing with abandoned plots mid season and anything else you think is important for this garden.
Maximum upload size: 2.1MB
Proposed Budget for this project please include a detailed itemized list of items you will purchase for this project.
Please list all other sources of funding/ in-kind resources.

Resource #1

Resource #2

Resource #3

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Resource #5

Resource #6

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Resource #9

Resource #10

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