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The Ottawa Seed Library

This program is intended for beginner seed savers & home gardeners primarily.

Like regular libraries, Seed Libraries are places where community members can “borrow” seeds!  Before planting your garden residents can come access seeds through the Ottawa Seed Library free of charge!  All that we ask is that participants return the seeds at the end of the season so future participants are able to continue participating!

Workshops pertaining to improving seed saving skills will be offered periodically to ensure that all participants are well supported to produce seeds from their crops.  Seeds will be accessed at these training & orientation workshops aimed to provide you with what you need to have success growing out your seed crop.

Successful participants will produce more than enough seeds from their crops to plant the same variety for many years – and still have enough left over to share with family and the Ottawa Seed Library!

We are currently seeking lead volunteers to help manage these seed libraries.  No experience is required.  Coordinators are primarily expected to assist in the coordination of skill building workshops, arrange times for seed distribution & returns, and supporting other future seed library coordinators as new branches emerge.

Get Involved!

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Please check our event calendar: for information on upcoming seedy events.

Varieties in the Seed Library

Click here for a list describing the varieties in the seed library

Growing Guides

These guides will help you with saving seeds for specific varieties.  There are many great resources out there.  The most accessible guide at this time is How to Save your own Seeds form Seeds of Diversity.  Our guides are derived from their resources – if you would like the guide itself you can purchase it at the Seeds of Diversity website here.

You can find some of the chapters for varieties in the Ottawa Seed Library on this page

Ottawa Seed Library Presents: How to Clean your Seeds Workshop

In this video workshop participants will learn techniques for cleaning and processing common vegetable seed varieties – specifically Beans, Lettuce, Squash, and Tomatoes. Drying threshing, winnowing, screening, fermenting, record keeping and the storing of seeds are all topics that will be covered. Participants will be able to use this knowledge for a whole host of vegetable and flower varieties that will quickly turn you into a Seed Saver Extraordinaire! Participants will also learn what to do with your seed that is to be returned to the Ottawa Seed Library.

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