National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
September 30, 2021
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Journée nationale de la vérité et de la réconciliation

Nourish – Food is our medicine:
Food is Our Medicine is designed to introduce health care professionals and leaders to new and different ways of understanding the complex relationships between Indigenous foodways, reconciliation, healing and health care.

Food Secure Canada article (2015):
Food as a Weapon in the Residential School System
L’Alimentation utilisée comme une arme dans les pensionnats autochtones

16 Resources to help Settlers Understand and Advance Indigenous Reconciliation:

Reconciliation Education: (English) (Français)

Marking the National Day – (September 29):
Souligner la Journée nationale – (29 Septembre): (English) (Français)

The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR):
Le Centre national pour la vérité et la réconciliation (CNVR):

Circles of Reconciliation:

One Day’s Pay

Start-up Farm Program

Just Food established the Start-Up Farm Program to support new farmers in the Ottawa region. By offering access to land, shared infrastructure/equipment, and training, the program aims to enable more people in this region to start their own successful farm business.

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