Just Food’s Powering for Prosperity Awards Nomination

We are so thankful to be nominated for the 2018 Powering for Prosperity Awards. Just Food was nominated for the completion of a 10kW solar panel shed that you can find on our property! See below for information and videos on the project here!

Powering for Prosperity Award

Staying true to the ambition for vibrant, just and sustainable food systems, Just Food, Bullfrog and Beau’s Brewing Co. with other funders teamed up to build a 10kW Solar panel system and shed at the Just Food Farm. This is an extension of a commitment to normalize and spread sustainable food and farming practices all over the Ottawa region. However, this project goes beyond a solar shed and renewable energy demonstration; it will help influence the sustainable food movement. Showing solar energy as an ingredient in sustainable and organic farming will create a new standard by which we judge agricultural production.

We are thrilled to announce Just Foods Nomination for Powering for Prosperity 2018: Ontario Sustainable Energy Awards. Just Food installed a 10kw solar PV system to lower operating costs and their carbon footprint while demonstrating the application of renewable energy as part of a sustainable farming hub.

Check out our two videos demonstrating the project and the impact local partnerships can have on creating spaces for education, green energy and community building. You can find our videos from Beau’s Brewing Co. and Just Food’s Associate Director, Phil Mount here!


Although we did not win the award, we are grateful for the opportunity to be recognized for green energy initiatives and their importance. Congratulations to all nominees, but especially organizations in Ottawa such as Alfred Solar Energy Project by Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-Op, and the victors Karen’s Place Renewable Energy – Ottawa Salus on their deserved win. We all benefit when cities come together to support renewable energy! Go Ottawa!