Just Food Farm Days – Sunday, Aug 11, 18 & 25

Join us on Sunday August 11, 18 & 15 for fun farm days!

– Farmers Market (10-2) *Buy delicious locally grown produce!

– Yoga at the Barn (945 – 11) *FREE!

– Take a tour of the farm
August 11 – Tours in partnership with COG
August 18 & 25 – self guided tours
*Check-out what’s being produced on the farm from bees, to seeds, vegetables, food forests and more!

Complete all the activities on the farm with the family!
*scavenger hunt
*local food tastes
*harvesting/seed saving
*check out the chickens!
*& test your knowledge of agriculture and climate change!

Have a question? Email info@justfood.ca or check out our facebook event!

Absolutely Beautiful and Rare Organic Farm For Sale

Supporting Farmers

At the edge of Ottawa in Crysler, ON

A must see before the farm is posted publicly.

Take a farm tour at the Open House – Saturday July 27 between 11am-2pm.   

Please RSVP to info@justfood.ca in order to get the address and book your time.

If you cannot make that time and are serious about purchasing a farm, please email the address above to make arrangements.

– 95 acres of organic soil managed for 32 years
Grenville Loam soil
Confirmed pesticide herbicide free since 1987 (and probably before that!)
Organic feed used on diversified livestock for 32 years

– 14 fields are tree lined, ready for diversified farming of all kinds

– 1975 bungalow with 3 bedrooms on main floor and finished 2 bedrooms in basement

– Wood stove on main floor, backup new propane furnace

– 2 wells with good water

– 12 head cattle herd (fed organically and pasture-based) is an option as part of sale (6 shorthorn adults, + 6 yearlings + 1 calf all with some Shorthorn and/or Speckled Park)

– Some equipment may also be an option to be part of sale.

– Includes a significant white pine plantation that is 30 years old


The owners wish to ideally sell to another farm family who is interested in keeping the farm in organic production.  This is a rare opportunity for such a shovel-ready organic farm with well-managed soils. 

The owners are very willing to train on keeping cows if needed, in the hopes that their herd can stay on the land as part of the new farm, but can sell them separately if that is not part of your plan. 

If you have been thinking of buying a farm in the near future for organic production of any or all of the following: vegetables, livestock, poultry, apiary, food forest, seed production, etc. . you have to see this farm asap before it is listed publicly, as this is a rare find in our region.

Official Plan – cut and paste suggestions

Due Sunday June 30 2019

Suggested responses are below that can be cut and pasted for the Official Plan consultation (or adapt/add your own message).

Link to Consultation:


Suggested Input for Each Question on Link above: 

How important are the following elements to you in your neighbourhood?
Xs mark suggested items to identify as important
Housing is available to people at different stages of life and physical ability. X
Housing is affordable for a wide range of people. X
People can walk and bike in safety X
People can walk or bike or use transit to get to most daily services (such as grocery stores, schools or daycare)
People can use their cars to get to most daily services (such as grocery stores, schools or daycare)
Presence of a vibrant commercial area
Ability to walk or bike to greenspace and parks X
Good public transit options for commuting that are close to my home X
Ability to commute using my car
Healthy food is available X
Mature trees on public streets
My neighbourhood has a distinct character
Strong social connections to others in my neighbourhood X

Are there any elements that are important to you that are not listed above?

At a neighbourhood level, elements that are priorities to me, in addition to the above clear priorities on housing and transportation for everyone, include: 

  • urban, suburban and rural neighbourhoods/villages maintaining services that reduce the need to commute or travel for basic, daily household needs 
  • accessible social spaces that are maintained for me to meet with my neighbours to engage in community leadership, planning and activity 
  • places near to my home for me to grow my own food (including on municipal lands) and to access locally-grown whole food 
  • bioregional plants and biodiversity as priorities for all lands under municipal care, not just mature trees, with an emphasis on building an edible landscape throughout the city.
  In your opinion, what are the key issues facing the city? Xs mark suggested items to identify as important
  Affordable housing. X
Making transit accessible, affordable, convenient and comfortable. X
Road Congestion
The impacts of climate change X
Managing intensification (increasing the number of people that live in established neighbourhoods). X
Protecting the natural environment. X
Limiting the expansion of the city. X
Protecting Ottawa’s heritage
Protecting the character of Ottawa’s communities
Creating an inclusive city. X
Making Ottawa more exciting through arts and culture
Protection of agricultural lands. X
Rural economic development. X

Is there an important issue that is not listed above?

Not jobs – but rather purposeful work:  Focus on training, supports and models that invest in the community, including social enterprise, apprenticeship and incubation models, for people with barriers to employment, including youth and New Canadians, towards longer-term employment or entrepreneurship within a regional orientation to economic development.

The intersectionality of these issues must be at the core of the new Official Plan.  Without limiting the suburban expansion in Ottawa through intensification, farmland and natural spaces will be developed, which impacts rural economic development, food security, sustainable environment, and quality of life for all, etc.  Without creating a more inclusive Ottawa, access to employment, housing and transportation is not attainable by significant numbers of our neighbours.     

What would make the city better for you?

Shifting the overall policy lens to sound investment in preventive, proactive approaches, and away from the current ever-increasing investment into expensive band-aid responses.  With proper preventive investment in our social and community infrastructure and natural environment, we can avoid the inevitable social and personal fallout that comes from placing a priority on funding reactive cures.

A significant increase in affordable housing, with a priority along current and future transit routes, in both urban and rural neighbourhoods/villages, with attendant mid-sized, managed intensification that ensures no more farmland or natural spaces within the City of Ottawa boundaries are developed for housing or industry.  Housing, food security and urban/rural economic development have to be planned and supported together so that one does not undermine the other.  Having reached a million residents and growing, Ottawa has the critical mass to support a much more vibrant local economy that will reinforce the region’s quality of life and economic resiliency.

Do you have an idea for a dream project that would set Ottawa apart from other cities?

We have incredible, innovative talent in Ottawa, across residents, communities, businesses, organizations and government.  We can choose to use our municipal resources in Ottawa to ensure that EVERY resident:

– has good housing, good food, good work

– moves effectively throughout the urban, suburban and rural parts of the city and beyond 

– is included in a diverse, local economy based in the arts, food and farming, service industry, health, technology, energy, manufacturing and processing, etc. and that respects, operates within the limits of, and enhances the local environment.

– can access effective, affordable required health, social and community support from birth to death

– lives feeling part of safe, inclusive neighbourhoods/villages. 

Investment into this clear and shared mission must be set as the number one priority by Council as a whole, with permanent and significant increases in the City’s budget for social and community infrastructure to carry this out.    

Question on which papers you are addressing:

Don’t worry about checking any boxes.

What are the key takeaways that stand out to you in this paper?

A broader group of community, social, environment and economic stakeholders across Ottawa are continuing to develop the principles listed above and will provide further, detailed consensus re. strategic priorities this summer to feed into the presentation August 22nd at Planning.  

How do you think the City should address these issues?

The City needs to give more time for community stakeholders to influence details of what is being proposed as Strategic Directions than over the summer.  Ottawa agencies, businesses and residents do want to participate in, and need to be part of, setting the agenda.

We need the City to allow for sufficient time allowances and opportunities for community leadership to build out these solutions and present directly to policy decision-makers at City Hall.

We need more information sent out to community agencies, networks and residents on a regular basis about opportunities for input.

Any other thoughts on this topic?

Investment in community and social infrastructure must increase significantly.  

We can and must do better in Ottawa than continued focus of investment primarily into export-based economic development and physical infrastructure.

Thank you for the opportunity to engage.

June Newsletter – Food and Farming events in the region!

Food News and Events in the Ottawa Region  

Just Food News and Events 

1. Sundays Starting June 2 | Yoga at the Farm

2. June 8 | Water Circle, Ceremony & Potluck – Fundraiser for Water Walk

3. Rain Barrel Fundraiser

4. Sundays Starting July 7 | Just Food Farmers Market 

Other Community News and Events

5. June 1 | The Great Canadian Pumpkin Seed Planting Seed 

6. Plant Swap Events Near You 

7. Farmers’ Markets in the Region 

8. June 15 – August 31 | Garden Promenade Tours 

9. June 15 – 23 | Garden Days

10. June 15 | Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk

11. Show Solidarity for Women Farmers

12. Have Gardening Questions?

Just Food News and Events 

1. Sundays Starting June 2 | Yoga at the Farm  

Join Bee at the Just Food Farm for a traditional yoga class for all levels of skill and ages! The class will include physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.

WHEN: Sundays 9:45 – 11 am, starting June 2
WHERE: Red Barn at Just Food, 2391 Pepin Court, Ottawa
It’s free, or by donation with all proceeds going to the Just Food Farm.

ABOUT THE TEACHER: Bee has been a yoga practitioner for 8 years and teaching for 5 years. She is a farmer and educator at Cadence Ecological Farm at the Just Food Farm, and is deeply interested in the role of holistic health while developing sustainable communities.

2. June 8 | Water Circle, Ceremony & Potluck – Fundraiser for Water Walk

Experience an Aboriginal Water Ceremony with four speakers talking about Anishnaabe teachings about water and food, Indigenous communities’ actions to protect watersheds from methylmercury poisoning, and the connections between water, food, and climate change. This will be followed by a sharing circle and potluck. 

This fundraiser supports the Mother Earth Water Walk 2019. Click here for more details.

WHEN: June 8, 2 – 7 pm
WHERE: Big Red Barn at Just Food, 2391 Pepin Court, Gloucester

  • Jar with water from home or special place
  • Food to share at potluck
  • Reusable plate, cutlery, and cup


3. Rain Barrel Fundraiser

Support Just Food by purchasing your rain barrel from us this year for your food growing needs.

We are still selling terracotta rain barrels for $55. We are confident that this is the best price on the market right now. For more details, click here and if interested, email Himani at info@justfood.ca to arrange pickup. 

Support Just Food, conserve water and save money. Contact us today.

4. Sundays Starting July 7 | Just Food Farmers Market 

Join us starting July 7 from 10 am – 2 pm as we begin to enjoy the first produce of the season! Every Sunday, the farmers of Just Food will have fresh produce, condiments, sweet and savory treats, and much more! The Farm Stand is located at 2391 Pepin Court. Enjoy the first summer bounty of fresh, organic food from local farmers with us! For more information, click here

Other Community News and Events

5. June 1 | The Great Canadian Pumpkin Seed Planting Seed 

Want a pumpkin for Halloween? Mike’s Garden Harvest is offering a free event for people to come plant a pumpkin seed and later harvest it in the fall. Mike will take care of the plants during the summer. Join other volunteers on June 1st at 9:30 am at 436 River Road, alongside the folks from Live 88.5 Radio and Empties for Paws!

6. Plant Swap Events Near You 

Check out some of these plant swap events soon to get some new plants while exchanging some of your own!

Plant &
Seed Swap +
Tree Give
June 1,
10 am – 1 pm
Velo Vanier, 270 Marier Ave. For more details, click here.
2019 Free
Plant Event 
June 8,
10 am – 2 pm
Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Jack Purcell LaneMark yourself as
GOING here for organizers
to know.
2019 Plant Swap EventJune 9,
10 am – 2 pm
Lansdowne Park Farmers MarketMark yourself as
GOING here for
organizers to

7. Farmers’ Markets in the Region 

Look down the list for the closest farmers’ market opening near you to buy and support local farmers! For more ways to buy local, click here.

Farmers’ Market Location Timings
43 Ste. Cecile St, within Optimiste Park Every Saturday 9 am – 2 pm, June 1 – October 26
1644 Bank St, near Heron Every Saturday, 10 am – 2 pm, year-round 
Byward Market Square, between York and George Streets, downtown Ottawa Every day, typically 9 am – 5 pm, already open
Aberdeen Square, Lansdowne Park, 1000 Exhibition Way Every Sunday, 9 am – 3 pm, May 5 – October 27
Byron Linear Park between
Richmond Road, Golden, Byron, and Broadview Avenues
Every Saturday, 9:30 am – 3 pm, May 18 – November 2
Ray Friel Recreation Complex, 1585 Tenth Line Rd, OrléansEvery Thursday, 12 pm – 6 pm, May 23 – October 10
Nepean Woods Park & Ride, at Strandherd and Crestway DriveEvery Sunday, 10 am – 2 pm, June 2 – October 13
R.J. Kennedy Community Centre, 1115 Dunning Rd, CumberlandEvery Saturday, 8 am – 1 pm, starting June 15
2397 Roger Stevens Dr, North GowerEvery Saturday, 8:30 am – 1 pm, May 22 – October 5
2821 8th Line Rd, MetcalfeEvery Saturday, 9 am – 1 pm, May 11 – October 26
745 Kanata Ave, KanataEvery Saturday, 9 am – 3 pm, May 25 – November 3
Carp Fairgrounds, 3790 Carp Rd, CarpEvery Saturday 9 am – 1 pm, May – October
Memorial Park, corner of Broad and Main Street, AlymerEvery Sunday, 10 am – 3 pm, June 2 – October 29
212 Old Chelsea Rd, ChelseaEvery Thursday, 4 pm – 7 pm, May 30 – October 10
330 Notre-Dame Rd, GatineauEvery day starting May 8, 8 am – 8 pm
Parc Du Portage, Gatineau (corner of Laurier and Victoria Streets)Every Thursday, 9:30 am – 2:30 am, May 30 – October 10

8. June 15 – August 31 | Garden Promenade Tours

Discover the dozens of gardens in the region along the Garden Promenade! Whether you wish to do it alone or hire a pro to show you the way, the Garden Promenade offers a broad range of options. Walk in downtown Ottawa and discover some of the 75+ garden attractions, combine a bike and culinary tour and travel along scenic bicycle paths, hop on and hop off Ottawa’s double decker buses for a multilingual guided tour while visiting the city’s famous attractions at your own pace, or drive it on your own. Enjoy the blooming flowers in the city the way you want too! For more information, click here

When: Every Saturday, from June 15 to August 31. 

9. June 15 – 23 | Garden Days

Gardens Ottawa invites you to a celebration event for the role gardens play in our lives and highlight the importance of public and private gardens. Plan a garden party at your garden, garden centre, school, community facility, garden club, or business within this nine-day period and let Ottawa know about it by adding your event here. What you do is entirely up to you, the intent is to celebrate gardens and gardening while contributing to Ottawa’s garden experiences. 

10. June 15 | Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk

Join Amber for a walk as you get introduced to common early summer wild edible and medicinal plants of Eastern Ontario. These may include red raspberry leaf, lemon balm, comfrey, and milkweed. You will have a chance to learn about plant identification, edible, medicinal, or other traditional uses of plants; harvesting, processing, and storage practices, and more! 

WHEN: June 15, 1 pm – 3 pm
WHERE: 2389 Pepin Court, Ottawa
Click here to register.

11. Show Solidarity for Women Farmers

Did you know the majority of smallholder rural farmers all over the world are women? The reality is that they face multiple barriers in accessing land, credit, and agency due to systemic challenges related to gender inequality. USC Canada wants to change this on June 3, when the global conference on gender equality begins in Vancouver. Write to you MP before then to ask that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau devote 10% of Canada’s international aid budget to women farmers. Help bring this issue to the table!

12. Have Gardening Questions?

As you start the growing season, do you want some advice or have questions about gardening? The Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton are a group of experienced gardeners with horticulture backgrounds that volunteer their time to help answer the public’s questions. They provide free, unbiased advice to home gardeners while encouraging good growing practices. Contact them by phone or email, listed here, or find them at clinics at local markets and fairs. 

Are you interested in having a gardening workshop with your community? Email communitygardening@justfood.ca for more information.

May 29 | Introduction to Beekeeping

Learn the basics of what you need to know for keeping bees in Ottawa with Just Food and Ron St. Louis from Capital Bees. This includes gaining a better understanding of the policy environment and what changes are afoot, how to get started and next steps for learning!

$15 cash at the door / pay-what-you-can
May 29, 7:00 – 9:00
2391 Pepin Court

Register today | RSVP communitygardening@justfood.ca

Cultivating Social Change: Social Innovation in Food System Transformation

The School of Social Innovation is excited to launch the 2019 edition of the Social Innovation Summer School! This year’s focus is on food system transformation – how are groups and communities using the lens of the food system to unpack pressing social challenges and imagine our world differently through food? Join us May 13-18 for 6 packed days of discussion, guest speakers and field trips! 

Food has long been a tool and site of societal transformation. Over the past 30 years, individuals and groups have sought increasingly innovative ways to address the social, environmental and economic challenges facing our food system, while also imagining and articulating the possibility for a new kind of food system. From food co-operatives and community gardens to peasant and farmworker movements, food centres, gleaning projects and food policy councils there is a wide diversity of approaches, visions and manifestations of food system transformation.  Using the lens of the food system, we will explore various pathways and orientations to social change and social innovation, as well as specific projects, collaborations and organizations seeking to “do food differently” in the Ottawa region.

This is a week-long intensive course, cross-listed as both undergraduate and graduate. It can also be taken without credit for those interested in auditing or continuing education. 

Full program: http://innovationsocialeusp.ca/en/evenement/summer-school-2019-cultivating-social-change-social-innovation-in-food-system-transformation

To register: https://ustpaul.ca/form-summer-school-in-social-innovation.php

Can’t commit to the full week? Two of the evening lectures are open to the public: 

For more information, email Professor Amanda Wilson awilson@ustpaul.ca

May 2019 Newsletter

Just Food News and Events

1. May 6 |Just Food is Hiring Students for the Summer!

2. May 7 | Last Day to Purchase your Rain Barrel and Garden Irrigation Accessories from the Just Food Fundraiser!

3. May 14 | How to Start a Community Garden Workshop

4. May 28 | Free Container Gardening Workshop & Seed Library 

5. May 24 – 30 | The Biggest Little Farm at the Bytown!

6. May 29 | Introduction to keeping bees in Ottawa – $15

Other Community News and Events

7. May 13 | Mark Cullen is Speaking at Canadensis’ Annual General Meeting (AGM)

8. June 30 | Deadline to Apply for Ryerson’s Urban Agriculture Policy Course

9. Check out some amazing food initiatives on FLEdGE’s Youtube Channel

Just Food News and Events 

1. Just Food is Hiring Students this Summer!

This summer we are looking for students to fill the roles of Assistant Program Coordinator and Assistant Community Farm Coordinator at the Just Food Farm! Click here to view the job postings and learn more.

2. May 7 |  Last Day to Purchase your Rain Barrel and Garden Irrigation Accessories from the Just Food Fundraiser!

Support Just Food by purchasing your rain barrel and/or tote from us this year for your food growing needs.

Here’s how you can easily obtain your rain barrel:

  • Step 1: visit our website to pre-order your rain barrel – payment options include credit, debit, or cash-payment on pickup
  • Step 2: place your order and choose a payment method – the deadline to order is May 6
  • Step 3: attend the Just Food rain barrel pick-up event on May 12, located at the Just Food Farm, 2391 Pepin Court, Gloucester
    *If you cannot pick up on May 12, alternate arrangements after this date can be made! 

We look forward to helping you conserve water and save money this coming season.

Click here for more information, or if you have any questions, email communitygardening@justfood.ca.  

3. May 14 | How to Start a Community Garden Workshop

When: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 from 6:30pm-8:30pm

Where: Just Food Farm in the Big Red Barn | 2391 Pépin Court

Note: This course is mandatory for anyone seeking funds from the CGDF

  • Learn about what you need to know in search of land, planning, building, and community building
  • Understand what supports are accessible through the Community Gardening Network
  • Learn how to access funds through the Community Garden Development Fund (CGDF)

Email communitygardening@justfood.ca to RSVP. 

4. May 28 | Container Gardening Workshop & Seed Library Pop-up – free!

Curious about container gardening? Join us and CCOC at this free event!

This event has two aspects: a workshop on container gardening and an Ottawa Seed Library pop-up!

Learn the basics of gardening, access some free seeds to try your hand at seed saving – don’t worry, we will have another workshop at the end of the summer on seed saving! 

Register today!

5. May 24 – 30 | The Biggest Little Farm at the Bytowne

Just Food is partnering to promote The Biggest Little Farm from May 24 – 30 at the Bytowne Cinema! 

This is a visually stunning film and we hope you prioritize to see it on the big screen!  This shows one family as they start up on their farm. For information on start-up farm supports in the Ottawa region, email phil@justfood.ca.

Click here to view the trailer.

6. May 29 | Introduction to keeping bees in Ottawa – $15

When: Wednesday, May 29 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: 2391 Pepin Court in the Big Red Barn 
Cost: $15 (inclusive of HST) cash at the door / pay-what-you-can 

Learn the basics of what you need to know for keeping bees in Ottawa with Just Food and Ron St. Louis from Capital Bees. This includes gaining a better understanding of the policy environment and what changes are afoot, how to get started and next steps for learning! 

Register today | RSVP communitygardening@justfood.ca

Other Community News and Events

7. May 13 | Mark Cullen is Speaking at Canadensis’ Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Mark Cullen will be guest speaking at the Canadensis AGM. He will speak about his new book ‘Escape to Reality: How the World is Changing Gardening and Gardening is Changing the World.”

When: May 13, 2019 – AGM starts at 6:30pm, Mark will speak at 8:00pm (free of charge)
Where: Neatby Building, Salon A, 960 Carling Ave, Parking is free

8. June 30 | Deadline to Apply for Ryerson’s Urban Agriculture Policy Course This course looks at participatory policy formulation processes leading to sustainable development and institutionalisation of urban agriculture. It also highlights tools and methodologies for analysing stakeholders, farming systems, land uses, and regulatory frameworks. Next steps involve strategic planning, followed by the formulation of action projects and policies and their implementation (considering contrasting disciplinary perspectives), and finally, monitoring and evaluation. The course uses a wide array of case studies from cities around the world. Duration: 39 hours  Click here for more information about the course. 

9. Check out some amazing food initiatives on FLEdGE’s Youtube Channel

The Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems Youtube Channel has a new video series called “The Social Economy of Food.”

This video series emphasizes  environmental, social, and economic value simultaneously throughout our food systems across the country. Take 3 minutes to watch some of these amazing examples of Indigenous groups, farmers, organizations, and businesses across Canada that are making strides to improve our food systems throughout various stages.

One notable highlight is a video on our awesome local partner, Hidden Harvest Ottawa – a volunteer-based initiative that harvests food from nuts and fruit trees across the city, and donates a portion to the nearest food banks. 

May 14 | How to Start a Community Garden

Join us on May 14 and learn about the steps involved in starting a community garden. How to search for land, what is essential when starting a community garden, the supports that are available, tips for organizing the garden, and much more!

The attendance of at least one garden coordinator at a How to Start a Community Garden workshop is a requirement in order to receive funding through the Community Garden Development Fund.  The coordinator must have attended a workshop in one of the past 3 years.

Registration is required as space is limited.
When: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 from 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where: Just Food Farm in the Big Red Barn | 2391 Pépin Court
RSVP: Email communitygardening@justfood.ca

on RSVP please identify the general area where you plan to set up a community garden, and summarize your work to date, if applicable.

Just Food is Hiring Summer Students!


For more information about Just Food, please see www.justfood.ca

TO APPLY All of the following must be met:

– Please send your resumé and cover letter within one attached document to moe@justfood.ca by Monday, May 6, 2019 at 12:00pm (noon). 

Your email must have the subject line “Summer Student Hiring” for it to be considered.

– Interviews will be in the afternoon and evening of May 7, 2019 (If you cannot make this date, please indicate if you are available by phone).

– 3 references must be provided on request.

Summer Student Work Terms:

Both positions are 35 hours a week for 8 weeks at the Just Food Farm office located at 2391 Pépin Court. Applicants must be between 30 years of age or under at the start of the employment; registered as full-time students in the previous academic year and intend to return to school on a full-time basis in the next academic year; a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a person on whom refugee status has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Note: international students are not eligible); legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial legislation and regulations.  These positions are part of the Canada Summer Jobs grant stream with Employment and Social Development Canada.

All positions offer a salary of $15/hour

General Requirements (for all positions):

  • Keen interest in, commitment to, and some knowledge of food/farming systems and community-based initiatives.
  • Ability to work independently in an office environment
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to balance taking initiative with strong team communication skills

Please relate your personal skills and experience to what we’re looking for below. If you are interested in more than one position, make sure your cover letter and resume indicate this clearly.

Job Descriptions:

Assistant Program Coordinator

Under the guidance of Just Food, the student will be responsible for outreach, planning, and implementation of tours and special events at the farm, and for communicating with participants and the public. The student will be responsible for working with the entire Just Food team to assist with the organization and delivery of the Community Farm Days event. Other tasks include:

In addition to the qualifications listed in the general section the ideal candidate will have:

  • Post-secondary education (any level)
  • Event planning experience
  • Strong writing and editing abilities
  • Organizational skills
  • Digital and technical skills (including use of Microsoft Office, Google Suite, WordPress, and NationBuilder)
  • Bilingualism (French & English) is an asset

This position will begin July 8 and work for 35 hours per week at the Just Food Farm office until August 30.

Assistant Community Farm Coordinator

Under the guidance of the Just Food Farm Coordinator, the student will be responsible for supporting all aspects of the on-farm delivery of the Start-Up Farm Program, the Community Farm Partner social enterprises, and various community education and food access initiatives including the Karen Community Farm, the Plant-a-Row, Donate-a-Row Garden, the Community Food Forest, and The Commons garden project.

The Assistant Farm Coordinator will have the following responsibilities:

  • Signing out and keeping inventory of equipment
  • Health and safety monitoring
  • Collecting information on organic certifications
  • Outreach and planning for meetings and committees
  • Establishing and communicating common rules and conduct

In addition to the qualifications listed in the general section the ideal candidate will have:

  • Customer service experience
  • Event planning experience
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment
  • Digital and technical skills (including use of Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Word Press, and Nation Builder)
  • Some experience with graphic design
  • Bilingualism (French & English) is an asset

This position will begin May 8 and work for 35 hours per week until July 3.