Start-up Food Processor Training

March 24, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Ottawa Kitchen ( 1169 Parisien Street) or the Just Food Farm (2391 Pepin Court)
195 + HST
Moe Garahan

Presented by, Just Food and North House Foods in partnership with Agri-Food Management Institute (AMI) with guest expert chefs and food businesses

  • Introduction to food production and production equipment.
  • Introduction to the regulatory environment for successful food processing businesses.
  • Validation and testing of your food products.
  • Information to help turn your idea into a business plan.


March 24 – Production (Ottawa Kitchen) – 9-3:30

  • Understanding a Commercial Kitchen
    • Introduction to Commercial Food Grade Equipment at Ottawa Kitchen
    • Food facility safety protocols
    • Food Safety – what’s expected in a kitchen
    • What is HACCP/ MSDS/GSFI and why is this important/ understanding recalls
    • Record-keeping requirements
  • Sourcing raw materials, costing
  • Understand shelf life/ HPP/ MAP/pH Levels/stabilizers

April 7 – Product Development (Ottawa Kitchen) 9-3:30

  • Understanding testing and scaling up processes
    • Small Test Batch
    • Product Review and Feedback
    • Retesting & Scaling Up
  • Food (Product) Costing
  • Introduction to manufacturing processes and how to build your own process
  • Managing your time and margins in the kitchen

April 14 – Marketing & Pricing (Just Food Farm) Full Day – 9-3:30

  • Product Design, Labeling and Packaging
  • Bulk Packing / Individual Packing/ Case Size
  • Packing Material for all products
  • Understanding & Developing Product Prices
  • Knowing your Market – Defining the market
  • Brand development – Emphasis on Social Media and Online Management
  • Classical Sales Theory, Pounding the Pavement
  • Growing and Managing a Client Base and Client Relationship Management
    • How to deal with Consumer Complaints & Returns
    • Client Payment and Terms

April 21 – Packaging/Distribution/ Co-Packing/ Brokerage (Just Food Farm) 9-3:30

  • Understanding and setting up a partnership
    • Brokering, Co-Packing
  • Understanding Retail environment
  • Distribution and Food Safety – Controlled Environment
  • Understanding launch processes
  • Next steps in your Food Business Development