Gardening at Home

Whether you are part of a community garden or not here are some useful links & pages for you.

1. Ottawa Seed Library

Seed Saving is a traditional skill that we have been losing over the last 100 years.  Gardeners who save seeds are able to adapt seeds for there conditions; easily share an abundance of seeds with friends, families, & neighbours; and join the Ottawa Seed Library Community!

The Ottawa Seed Library “lends,” out seeds to interested gardeners, who will receive training & resources to grow them successfully to seed each year.  At the end of the year bring some of it back & ensure that new growers have access in future years!

Please navigate to the Ottawa Seed Library page for more information.

2. Plant a Row Donate a Row

How can we give more back to our communities?

This is a common question coming from community gardeners, luckily for us it’s easy! Just Plant a row in your garden & after the harvest Donate a Row! It’s that simple!

3. Soldiers Helping Soldiers

Community & home gardeners can grow potatoes with the Soldiers Helping Soldiers Potato project, as part of our Plant-a-Row, Donate-a-Row, campaign.  To learn more about soldiers helping soldiers & about the project itself please navigate to this section.

4. Front Yard Edible Gardening

This section has all you need to know if you wish to start gardening in you front yard. Turn your lawn into a lush food producing garden!

5. Events Page

Follow this page to see information on upcoming field walks, gardening workshops, seed library days & more.