Soldiers Helping Soldiers

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Soldiers Helping Soldiers Potato Project

The SHS Potato Project is a collaboration between Soldiers Helping Soldiers and its partner agencies which seeks to inspire people to grow potatoes for the disadvantaged in our community.  We are encouraging individuals, families and organizations (businesses, daycare centres, retirement homes, city services, etc) to grow 100 pounds of potatoes as a fun activity that will also increase awareness of, and assist in mitigating, the plight of those most in need.  Potatoes are easy to grow, store well, they are rich in nutrients and a versatile cooking vegetable; organizations like the Shepherds of Good Hope use, on average, 120 pounds of potatoes a day.   Whether you grow 100 pounds or 25, it will make a difference and a positive change in the lives of those less fortunate than you.

What is Soldiers Helping Soldiers?

How to Participate

Community members who want to get involved can do so very easily!  Just follow these simple steps and you’ll find yourself digging up potatoes in no time at all.

Step 1: Buy your materials needed to grow potatoes, and consult either the How to Grow Potatoes Guide, or the CGN Garden Guide if you require advice.

For container potatoes here is the list of what is required to grow the potatoes:

1 Large patio container, or large garbage bag
Approximately 20 seed potatoes
2 large bags (30L bags) of soil

How to build and use your potato box

Where to get Seed Potatoes?

Your local Garden Centre
Laporte’s Nursery

Ritchie’s Feed & Seed (Gloucester)
Ritchie’s (Stittsville)
Ritchie’s (Richmond)
Bryson Farms (Certified Organic – delivered by Mail)

Step 2: Grow  your potatoes!  Get them planted by the middle of June!

How to Grow Potatoes (.PDF)
CGN Garden Guide

Step 3: Donate your potatoes to one of the local food cupboards in Ottawa, or to  the designated drop off points hosted by Soldiers helping soldiers.  Contact soldiers helping soldiers at SHS.vicki at for details.


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Soldiers Helping Soldiers Partner agencies:
Veterans Affairs Canada
The Ottawa Police Services
The Royal Canadian Legion – Montgomery Branch
The Royal Canadian Legion – Eastview Branch
The Ottawa Freedom Centre
Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services / Support Our Troops
The Wellness Soldier
The Ottawa Mission
The Shepherds of Good Hope
Multifaith Housing Initiative
Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit
31, 33 and 36-37 CBG Well-being Networks on Facebook.