Gardening Workshops

Gardening Workshops

Learn food gardening basics from instructors who are experienced.

These BASIC gardening online recorded sessions are FREE, so everyone who is interested in food gardening can get started.

These online workshops are produced by Community Gardening Network at Just Food, in partnership with community partners and garden instructors.

Topics include:

  1. Urban Organic Vegetable and Herb Gardening – Container and Small Space Gardening
  2. Indoor Seed Starting
  3. Grow Vegetables and Herbs in Your Backyard, Front yard or Community Garden plot
  4. Natural Pest Control for a Healthy Organic Garden
  5. Critter Management
  6. Ottawa Seed Library Presents: How to Clean your Seeds Workshop


  1. Making compost and building soil outside
  2. Vermicompost – making compost inside and year-round
  3. Container food gardening
  4. Water-saving gardening design

Seedy Saturday Ottawa

Welcome back! Seedy Saturday Ottawa is a seed sale with a focus on heritage, open-pollinated seed from local growers.  It also includes supportive sustainable, local businesses and groups related to local food and gardening.   This year we will also have online webinars and a film related to gardening and seed saving. Pre-Purchase Seeds The following …

Ottawa Seed Library Presents: How to Clean your Seeds Workshop

Learn techniques for cleaning and processing common vegetable seed varieties, drying threshing, winnowing, screening, fermenting, record keeping, and storing seeds.

Critter Management

Rob Danforth explores well established practices for dealing with larger critters that can have negative impacts on your gardens, such as squirrels, cats, rabbits and raccoons.

Natural Pest Control for a Healthy Organic Garden

A healthy organic garden is about how to live with bugs, rather than eliminating them. In this session, Rob explains three lines of defence of an organic garden when it comes to natural pest control.

Urban Organic Vegetable and Herbs Grown at Home Part 2/2 – Food gardening in your backyard and front yard?

Gardening takes some time and efforts, but the rewards are many! Lots of flowers and organic food! Anyone can do it! So get a pot or plot, and enjoy gardening!

Indoor Seed Starting

Mat Levinson, founder of Capital Greens Urban Farm, teaches you how to start seeds indoors, get nearly 100% germination, and create the ideal conditions for your seedlings to grow into strong, healthy, high-yielding vegetable crops.

How to plan and grow a small garden on your balcony or pots/container – Urban Organic Vegetable and Herb Gardens Part 1/2

Rob Danforth, a gardener of over 45 years, shares his experience on growing food in a small and limited space, from planning, choosing a location, to tools and soil to storage and winterizing.