Just Food Farm: 2013-2014 Outcomes

What happened in Just Food’s first year of hosting farm programs at our site in the Ottawa Greenbelt?

1. Our new Start-Up Farm Program offered access to land, infrastructure, equipment and training to help new farmers start successful farm businesses in the Ottawa region:

  • Three acres of land were cultivated using organic production methods;
  • Nine new agricultural enterprises were established by new farmers;
  • A new irrigation system and produce washing station were built;
  • We purchased two walk-behind rototillers, a tractor and farm implements for field work;
  • Over 13,000 pounds of crops were grown and harvested;
  • Produce was delivered to over 50 CSA customers and 5 local restaurants;
  • A new farm gate stand supplied hundreds of customers in Blackburn Hamlet with fresh produce;
  • The farm site was pre-certified organic with EcoCert Canada;
  • Seven training workshops were held for new farmers;
  • Five farm tours were held and dozens of visitors came to check it all out.

 2.  Just Food hosted three Partnership Programs with non-profit community groups at our farm in 2013:

  • Farmworks with Operation Come Home: helping youth at risk build their farming skills on a one acre plot;
  • Karen Community Farm with KLEO (Karen Learning and Education Opportunities): helping new Canadians with agrarian backgrounds connect to their new environment on a one acre plot;
  • Apple Blossom: a weekly day-program for children and their parents to connect to the farm, including the development a children’s garden near the farmhouse.

Benefits to Start-up Farmers:

  • Access to farmland, shared equipment and infrastructure at a smaller investment and reduced risk compared to starting their own independent farm;
  • A chance to start small and grow slowly before having to make a longer term commitment to a farm business;
  • A network of new growers to collaborate with and learn from;
  • Convenient access to the urban Ottawa market;
  • Skills development through training courses and staff support.

Benefits to Neighbouring and Broader Communities:

  • Fresh, local produce is available to residents at our Farm Gate Stand and directly from the farms;
  • New local businesses will spend money on local goods and services;
  • The farm site is being maintained and enhanced as a community site, accessible by bus, car and bike;
  • Organic production at the farm means no chemicals or contamination of the land, water, air, or wildlife.

Benefits to Just Food:

  • We are able to support new farmers on our site, as well as continuing to support famers throughout the region;
  • We are building a dynamic, innovative farm that can serve as an accessible destination for schools, agri-tourism, and the general public;
  • We can offer a diverse range of educational workshops and tours to help people learn where their food comes from.


Start-up Farm Program

Just Food established the Start-Up Farm Program to support new farmers in the Ottawa region. By offering access to land, shared infrastructure/equipment, and training, the program aims to enable more people in this region to start their own successful farm business.

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