06/10/20 How municipalities are helping gardens grow (TVO)

05/30/20 Around the Nation (National Valley News)

05/08/20 Ottawa’s community gardens opening for the season (Ottawa Matters)

05/20 Ontario Is Amending An Emergency Order To Let Community Gardens Open (Narcity)

04/26/20 Ottawa non-profit organization ready to start planting community gardens this spring (CTV News)

04/22/20 Gardening in the time of Covid (The Milestone)

04/21/20 Could the shocks from COVID-19 lead to a new food system? (Rabble)

04/20/20 Seed sellers see business bloom as pandemic pushes demand (CBC News)

04/02/20 Declare community gardens essential, non-profit urges (CBC News)

08/26/19 Local Bring Food Home event part of province-wide conference (SooToday)

04/09/18 Powering Ethical Agriculture with the sun (Alternatives Journal)

02/06/17 Growing our communities (The Aga Khan Foundation Canada)

01/16/17 New Ottawa Public Health Initiative brings Fruit and Veggies into Corner Stores (Ottawa Citizen)

8/18/16 Savouring the season at Savour Ottawa’s Summer Tables event (Kitchissippi Times)

8/18/16 Some seeds with your books? Library teams up with Just Food for community seed bank (Metro)

8/16/16 Plant a seed and watch it grow: Incubating Farms (Rabble)

8/14/16 Savour the taste of Ottawa this week at nine local restaurants  (Metro)

6/24/ 16  Ottawa aims to boost rural tourism (Orleans Star)

6/24/16 Summer camp combines wilderness fun with outdoor philosophy (Metro)

6/23/16 Taste buds for rural Ottawa set to grow in 2017 (Ottawa Community News)

6/21/16 Agri 150 to boost rural tourism says Ottawa 2017 Bureau (Ottawa Business Journal)

5/27/16  Potatoes growing alongside food donation program (Ottawa Community News)

5/26/16 Urban gardening campaign grows potatoes for a cause (Metro)

5/24/16 Over $400K for Orleans non-profit organizations (Orleans Star)

5/21/16 Farming without the risk: one group’s push to promote local growers (CTV Ottawa)

5/20/16 Orleans organizations get Trillium grant funding (Ottawa Community News)

4/25/16 Ottawa beekeeping taking off with sold-out courses and hive rentals (Metro)

4/12/16 Community gardens can sell produce under new rules (Ottawa Community News)

04/10/16 Learning about Just Food Ottawa (Ottawa Community News)

3/18/16 Pilot project for community gardens on NCC lands underway (Ottawa Community News)

 3/6/16 Community Garden to be built at Carleton Apartments (Stittsville Central)

3/1/16 Fresh local food even in the winter: Just because we can (Metro)

2/16/16 Dine local in the dead of winter (The Ottawa Citizen)

2/5/16 The High Price of Cauliflower: How ‘putting all of our eggs in one basket’ is proving disastrous (Ottawa Magazine)

2/5/16 Food literacy project on the books (Ottawa Community News)

2/3/16 Health centre expansion could displace Carling community garden (Metro)

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Start-up Farm Program

Just Food established the Start-Up Farm Program to support new farmers in the Ottawa region. By offering access to land, shared infrastructure/equipment, and training, the program aims to enable more people in this region to start their own successful farm business.

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