Farmer Training Workshops

Just Food offers training workshops to all new and re-strategizing/transitioning farmers in the Ottawa region. Workshops are presented by local farmers and Just Food staff, and reflect regional content and conditions.

Upcoming workshops are posted on this page, with details on the workshop content, facilitator and registration process. We also post all of our workshops in our e-newsletter.

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Upcoming Workshops:

Harvest System Design:

How to set up effective harvest mornings and wash station routines


Are your farm harvest mornings taking more time than you want?

Are you able to get to all your ike trellising, weeding, and weekly newsletters without working late into the evening and throughout the weekend?

Join Dan Brisebois of Ferme Coopérative Tourne-Sol for this workshop that will help you review your current harvest and post-harvest systems, and redesign them so that they better support the rest of your farm.

Where:   Just Food Community Farm, 2391 Pepin Ct, in  Blackburn Hamlet, Ottawa 

When:  Saturday April 27, 9am – 12pm

Cost:  $35 (note this course is available online for $109 USD at this site


This workshop will cover:

The basics of harvest efficiency, effectiveness and ergonomics.

How to plan your harvest day and record what happens

How to manage your harvest harvest team

How to organise your wash/pack infrastructure


About your facilitator
Dan’s thoughts are split between farm spreadsheets and seeds.

On the spreadsheet front, Dan runs the Farmer Spreadsheet Academy to help farmers learn tools and tricks to be better farm managers. He is co-author of Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Grower.

On the seed front, Dan is the host of the Seed Growers podcast and blogs about farming and seeds at

Dan Brisebois is also a founding farmer at Tourne-Sol co-operative farm in Les Cèdres, Quebec. Tourne-Sol grows organic seeds for an online seed store and a wholesale rack program; and grows organic vegetables for 500 weekly veggie baskets.


Start-up Farm Program

Just Food established the Start-Up Farm Program to support new farmers in the Ottawa region. By offering access to land, shared infrastructure/equipment, and training, the program aims to enable more people in this region to start their own successful farm business.

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