Urban Organic Vegetable and Herbs Grown at Home Part 2/2 – Food gardening in your backyard and front yard?

“Gardening takes some time and efforts, but the rewards are many! Lots of flowers and organic food! Anyone can do it! So get a pot or plot, and enjoy gardening!” – Rob Danforth

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In this very informative session, Rob Danforth shares his extensive knowledge and experience to help build a successful home good garden in a backyard or front yard. Community gardeners who grow in-ground, in raised bed or box bed will find the information very useful as well.

Rob started with home garden basic requirements, how to choose growing spots, water arrangement, tools, composting and storage. Then he discusses garden planning, different kinds of garden plots and beds, common garden best practices. Rob goes through the whole process of starting seeds to fertilizers to watering to garden maintaining to harvesting to final clean up. Packed with insights and useful information, this session is suitable for both beginner and experienced gardeners.

Workshop Facilitator:
Rob Danforth, experienced urban organic vegetable/herb gardener:

  • Backyard (45 yrs. & on-going)
  • Gloucester Allotment Gardens (14 yrs.)
  • Arrowsmith Community Gardens & Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard garden (7 yrs.)

(seminars, articles, workshops, & consultation booths) for:

  • Just Food Community Garden Network (8 yrs.)
  • Canadian Organic Growers Ottawa Chapter (9 yrs.)
  • Senior Organic Gardeners (3 yrs. + on-going advisor)
  • private bookings (7 yrs.)


Rob’s published gardening articles on Canadian Organic Growers since 2016 can be found on https://www.cog.ca/ottawa/down-to-earth-newsletter/

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  • “Box Beds,” Winter 2017
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  • “Composting,” Fall 2017
  • “Bug Hotels & Restaurants,” Dec. 2017
  • “Weed Wisdom,” March 2018
  • “Mulches — pluses and minuses,” June 2018
  • “Cutworms, the lumberjacks of the in-ground Vegetable Garden,” Dec. 2018
  • “Self-watering Containers,” March 2019
  • “Eco-friendly Watering” June 2019
  • “The Cold Frame, a Gardening Advantage” Sept 2019
  • “Garden Tools” Dec.2019
  • “Planning for no-till gardening,” March 2020.

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