Absolutely Beautiful and Rare Organic Farm For Sale

At the edge of Ottawa in Crysler, ON

A must see before the farm is posted publicly.

Take a farm tour at the Open House – Saturday July 27 between 11am-2pm.   

Please RSVP to info@justfood.ca in order to get the address and book your time.

If you cannot make that time and are serious about purchasing a farm, please email the address above to make arrangements.

– 95 acres of organic soil managed for 32 years
Grenville Loam soil
Confirmed pesticide herbicide free since 1987 (and probably before that!)
Organic feed used on diversified livestock for 32 years

– 14 fields are tree lined, ready for diversified farming of all kinds

– 1975 bungalow with 3 bedrooms on main floor and finished 2 bedrooms in basement

– Wood stove on main floor, backup new propane furnace

– 2 wells with good water

– 12 head cattle herd (fed organically and pasture-based) is an option as part of sale (6 shorthorn adults, + 6 yearlings + 1 calf all with some Shorthorn and/or Speckled Park)

– Some equipment may also be an option to be part of sale.

– Includes a significant white pine plantation that is 30 years old


The owners wish to ideally sell to another farm family who is interested in keeping the farm in organic production.  This is a rare opportunity for such a shovel-ready organic farm with well-managed soils. 

The owners are very willing to train on keeping cows if needed, in the hopes that their herd can stay on the land as part of the new farm, but can sell them separately if that is not part of your plan. 

If you have been thinking of buying a farm in the near future for organic production of any or all of the following: vegetables, livestock, poultry, apiary, food forest, seed production, etc. . you have to see this farm asap before it is listed publicly, as this is a rare find in our region.