CSA Farms

2022 CSA Farm Guide

CSA Shares Available NOW in the Ottawa Region

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Please see the list below to find the best Community Shared Agriculture or CSA share for you. Note this list will be continually updated. Last updated March 19th, 2021.

Agricola Cooperative Farm

      • 20 weeks of fresh, local, organic vegetables, straight from the farm
      • A diversified vegetable basket every week from early June to mid-October – choices and exchange options available every week
      • 10% discount on market rates: you pay 675$ (33.75$/week), and receive an average of 37$ worth of food/week
      • Click here for more information!

Aliments Farmhouse Food

      • Carefully curated CSA box of mixed produce, cheese, eggs, the option of meats, and more.
      • Bi-weekly box pick-up site at the Parkdale Market in Ottawa, and delivery on Wednesdays or Thursdays
      • All member farms are located in Eastern Ontario & Western Quebec, within 100km from Parliament Hill.
      • Click here for more information about Aliments Farmhouse Food

Arc Acres

      • A 4th generation family farm with grass-fed beef and pastured pork CSA shares available in varying sizes
      • Pick-up at the Lansdowne Ottawa Farmers’ Market, the Metcalfe Farmers Market, or at the farm in Manotick Station
      • Intensive rotational grazing, regenerative agriculture benefits the health of our cattle and helps build the life in our soils.  Our pigs spend their days on the rich forest floor under the maple trees
      • For more information on the beef CSA, click here, or for the pork CSA click here

BeetBox Co-operative Farm

      • Super-local organic, choose from 3 flexible CSA programs: The VegBox CSA, the Sampler Box, & Community Farm
      • Flexible CSA options in West Ottawa, just off Carling Ave.  Enjoy a relaxing pick up experience at our farm on the Ottawa River in Nepean
      • Grown by a worker co-operative with a goal of making farming sustainable & fun!
      • More info here!

Bramble Lea Farm

      • Customizable, pick-your-own veggie CSA boxes are available (June-Oct.)
      • Home delivery in Ottawa, and Brockville, and Athens, ON. Pick up at the Beechwood Market in Ottawa or at the farm for those in Athens/Brockville
      • No fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used
      • For more information, click here

Capital Greens Urban Farm

      • Customizable, certified organic seasonal veggies June through October
      • Pick-up and delivery options around Ottawa area, contactless pick-up options
      • Click here for more information about their CSA shares

Fair Sun Farm

      • Weekly or bi-weekly spring (May-June) and summer (June-Oct.) certified organic veggie CSA shares available with the option to add eggs for an additional cost
      • Pick up locations in Kemptville, Barrhaven, Brockville, Spencerville, Ottawa and Dunrobin, click here for complete details
      • For more information, click here

Ferme aux pleines saveurs

      • Organic seasonal fruits and veggies available July-August, exchange box option available
      • Pre-designated pick-up locations
      • Click here for more information about their CSA shares

Ferme Aux Solstices

      • 15-week CSA shares of certified organic veggies available in 3 sizes (July-Oct.)
      • Pick-up at the farm in Namur or in Gatineau (25-C, boul. du Plateau or 325, boul. Greber) or le Marche du Vieux-Hull
      • For more information, click here

Ferme Coopérative Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm

      • Fresh, organic, seasonal fruits and veggies, egg, flower baskets available from May to October
      • Farm pick-up available, local Metros in Les Cèdres QC
      • Click here more information about their CSA shares

Ferme La Machine

      • CSA veggie shares still available with optional add-ons such as herbs, extra greens, eggs and spicy peppers for an additional cost
      • Pick-up at the farm in Mulgrave-et-Derry, delivery options available
      • No-till methods are used and most of the work is done by hand
      • For more information, click here

Ferme L’eau du ruisseau

      • Summer/fall CSA shares of organic vegetables and much more
      • Pickup along Gatineau River corridor and central Ottawa – locations here
      • Regenerative farming of vegetables, fruits, beef, chicken and honey
      • CSA details here. Come to the farm to see the garden for yourself!

Ferme Lèvetôt

      • Certified organic seasonal veggies and cut flowers
      • Pick up locations in Ottawa, Wakefield, La Pêche, and at the farm 460 Chemin Kalalla in Low, Thursdays 3 pm to 8 pm
      • Click here for more information about their CSA shares

Foster Family Farm

      • CSA veggie and egg shares available (July-Oct.), eggs are included in the box at no extra cost
      • Multiple pick up locations in Ottawa, click here for a complete list
      • Non-certified organic
      • For more information, click here

Grazing Days

      • Grass-fed Angus beef, pastured pork, and pastured chicken CSA boxes available on an on-going basis
      • Home delivery right to your door for those in the Ottawa/ Gatineau area
      • Intensive rotational grazing techniques are used; pigs receive protein-rich whey that is an useable output for local cheese producers; vegetable waste from the farm Rooted Oak is fed to the pigs; pigs also receive spent grains that is an useable output from a local brewer
      • For more information, click here

Heartbeet Farm

      • Summer, Fall and full season CSAs from June to December, with weekly and bi-weekly options available
      • Serving Kanata, West Ottawa, Bells Corners, and Leeds Grenville
      • Finest quality, non-certified organic vegetables 100% grown on our farm – CSA members get 10% off extra veg in the online farm store
      • For more information click here, call us at (613) 209-1959 or email us at farmers@heartbeetfarm.ca

Horizon Hog Farm

      • Free-range & naturally raised premium quality pork CSA box shares available June – October 2021
      • Facebook message or email horizonhogfarm@gmail.com for more information
      • For more information about the farm, click here

Indian Creek Orchard Garden

      • Seasonal veggies available spring, summer, fall and winter 2021
      • Natural, non-certified organic farming
      • Pick-up available in Almonte and Carleton Place
      • For more information, click here

Jambican Studio Gardens

      • CSA shares from July to October. A variety of vegetables and the occasional flower bouquet.  No fruit.  Eg., peas, beans, lettuce, cooking greens, potatoes, green onions, beets, carrots, summer squash, etc.  Options for autumn and winter as well.
      • Home deliveries available in the Ottawa area, pick-up option available
      • No inputs, “closer to wild”, non-certified organic, regenerative soil practices
      • For more information, click here

Little Window Farm

      • Permaculture farm offering shares for seasonal veggies and eggs
      • Pick up locations in Kemptville ON
      • Click here to order, and for more information about their farm

Mike’s Garden Harvest

      • Farm fresh non-certified organic veggie box
      • Home delivery around Ottawa available, pick-up from farm
      • Click here for more information about the CSA shares

Nature’s Apprentice Farm, Pakenham

      • Salad subscription from June to September (18 weeks)
      • 3 Sizes to choose from, combining salad greens and garnishes
      • Regenerative practices focused on soil health and biodiversity support, with no chemical use
      • More information here

Ottawa Farm Fresh

      • Four sizes of CSA shares of organic garden-fresh veggies
      • Farm pick-up in Gloucester (Ottawa), ON
      • We use 100% Organic growing methods and are in the process of getting certified
      • For more information click here

Our Little Farm

Plot of Earth Farm

      • Spring/summer orders open, orders can be placed by emailing plot.of.earth.farm@gmail.com
      • Non-certified organic seasonal vegetables
      • Pick-up locations available in Kemptville and Winchester ON
      • for more information click here

Rochon Garden

      • Full share, half share and flex share CSAs available for 2020 (May-Oct.), one-time sampler options available. Add-on items such as eggs, sheep cheese, and honey can be added for an extra cost
      • Home delivery for an additional cost that covers a reusable box swapped at each delivery or pick up at one of 11 locations, no deliveries to appartments
      • For more information, click here

Rock-N-Horse Farm

      • Short season (July-Sept.) and long season (June-Oct.) CSA shares available. Farm Harvest Shares (year-long) are also available that include veggies, eggs, meat, bread and sweets/preserves
      • Pick up at the farm (1281 Rae Road, Almonte ON)
      • No pesticides, no insecticides and no chemical fertilizers
      • For more information, click here

Rooted Oak Farm

      • Certified organic seasonal veggies CSA
      • Pick up locations available in Ottawa and North Augusta ON
      • Click here for more information about their CSA shares

Root Radical

      • Seasonal, non-certified organic veggies, swap bin option available at two main pick-up sites downtown, so you can trade vegetables that you know you can’t use
      • Multiple pick up locations, times run from 4:30-6:30PM
      • Click here for more information about Root Radical’s CSA shares

Roots and Shoots

      • Offering certified organic grain, mushroom, egg, and seasonal veggie shares
      • Pick-up from 8 different locations in Ottawa, 1 in Hull
      • Click here to learn about Roots and Shoots CSA shares

Roots Down

      • Weekly and bi-weekly summer veggie CSA shares (June-Oct.) and fall CSA shares (Nov.-Dec.)
      • Pick up in Kingston (Downtown, West-end, North-end) or at the Ganonoque Farmers’ Market, Ottawa Farmers’ Market or Brockville Farmers’ Market
      • Limited work-shares are available as well: one full day of work a week can be exchanged for a full CSA share
      • For more information, click here

Sweet William Farms

      • Weekly summer CSA shares
      • pick-up at Parkdale Farmers Market or the farm, 139 March Rd
      • Becoming certified organic through the Growing Eastern Ontario-Organically program
      • For more information, click here

Terramorf Farm

      • Non-certified organic seasonal veggies, different sizes available
      • Pick-up available in Ottawa and Arnprior
      • Click here for more information about their CSA shares

Waratah Downs Organic Farm

      • Ceritified organic seasonal veggies available in two different sizes
      • Delivery and pick-up available in Ottawa and Perth ON
      • Click here to view more information about their shares

Whitsend Market Garden

      • Non-certified organic veggie CSA shares are available with the option to add on honey, mushrooms, and pork for an extra cost
      • Home delivery for those in Alta Vista, Old Ottawa South, Centretown, Centrepointe, Trend-Alrington, Briargreen, Craig Henry, Barrhaven and Kanata South (with possibility of Lanark and Stittsville)
      • Produce is delivered through a cotton tote bag that is swapped out and refilled each week
      • For more information, click here

Kingston Region

Main Street Urban Farm (Kingston, ON)

      • Weekly veggie summer (May-Oct.) and winter (Nov.-Apr.) veggie CSA shares available with optional add-ons of dinners, ferments or sprouts for an extra cost. Boxes are customizable
      • Pick-up and delivery in Kingston, ON (Thurs/Sun) as well as home delivery by bicycle for those in delivery area (see here)
        Workshare alternative options for CSA shares
      • For more information, click here

Sold out for 2021:

Community Shared Agriculture

What is CSA?

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) (sometimes called Community Supported Agriculture) is an approach to growing and purchasing food that has farmers and eaters working cooperatively. In a CSA, the farmer grows food for a predetermined group of eaters. Eaters enter into an agreement of purchase with the grower prior to the start of the season. The farmer gains a guaranteed market, and the consumer gains high quality, fresh food as it becomes available. CSA farms usually offer weekly delivery or pick-up of vegetables and/or meat. Sometimes CSAs can also include flowers, fruits, herbs and eggs. The eater-farmer relationship is strengthened through the increased involvement of eaters volunteering on the farm.

Food Box programs are a variation of the CSA structure. The Food Box differs in that the eater need not necessarily commit for an entire season, the payment is usually due on a week by week basis and the eater can often make more choices of what goes into the box.

Please visit our Buy Local Grow Local Food Guide that shows all local CSAs and Food Box Programs that deliver into Ottawa.

Becoming a CSA Volunteer

Just Food has been working alongside a collection of CSA and food box farmers in the Ottawa area. Many of these farms are either certified organic or use organic principles in their farming practices. In our gatherings with these farmers, one of the points raised is there is not great awareness in the city of what farm life consists of. As the number of family farms continue to dwindle, there is a need for people to understand how to be/become a farmer.

Just Food is looking for people who are interested in volunteering on a farm in this region. There are many learning opportunities that these farms could provide if paired with people that have the energy and interest to work alongside them for some days, weeks or a season.

If you…

  • Are a hard worker
  • Are interested in growing food and the CSA farm model
  • Are interested in gaining practical hands-on skills
  • Would like a change of scenery from the cityscape to the country
  • Can handle getting dirty
  • Would like to support small-scale farmers through sharing your labour
  • Have transportation to and from the farm
  • Are willing to commit to an agreed upon schedule with the farmer (could be three hours once a week for the season, or could be for several full days during the hayingseason, etc.

…then contact us to learn more or become a CSA volunteer.

Each farm operates differently and farmers will take it upon themselves to organize how the exchange will work. We will provide you with a list of farms that are interested in hosting volunteers and you are asked to make arrangements yourself with the farmers.

The amount of labour that goes into a season of growing is often much more intensive than many of us can imagine. With your help, farmers will be able to lighten their load a little and you will gain valuable experience in your life — one that may lead to a long career in GROWING!


Start-up Farm Program

Just Food established the Start-Up Farm Program to support new farmers in the Ottawa region. By offering access to land, shared infrastructure/equipment, and training, the program aims to enable more people in this region to start their own successful farm business.

> Read More about Just Food’s Start-up Farm program