Breastfeeding Friendly Businesses in Ottawa

Community members in Ottawa have identified the need to support breastfeeding mothers who are using services within the community.

Some mothers may have concerns that if they breastfeed their child in public, others around them may feel uncomfortable. Some mothers are actually made to feel uncomfortable when they are asked to go somewhere else to breastfeed.  Not only can this influence their decision to nourish their child by breastfeeding, but it also deters them from entering and interacting within businesses, shops, and service providers.

Businesses across Canada are taking steps to enable breastfeeding mothers to feel welcome and secure.  It’s easy to show the community that you care! So take action and join the growing number of businesses that openly welcome breastfeeding mothers and their families.  Businesses need to also be aware that it is the law – mothers are able to breastfeed anywhere, anytime.  There are great reasons to get involved!

Congratulations to a local Ottawa Starbuck’s and one of their baristas for standing up for this woman’s right to breastfeed!  Read the story here.

Be sure to check out the tools below for ways you can support your staff in making your business or organization more breastfeeding friendly!

Tools to Get Involved

Toolkit for Businesses to Be Breastfeeding Friendly

Browse through this toolkit and share with your staff.  Learn about the benefits of supporting breastfeeding, and how to create a Breastfeeding Friendly Business for your clientele.

Promotional Sign: “Breastfeeding Friendly Business”

Show the public that breastfeeding is welcome in your business with this versatile sign that can be hung at your entrance or cash area, or even included in your menus and promotional material.  It’s up to you- just print, cut, and post!

Staff Training Poster

Tips for your staff on how to make a mother who is breastfeeding at ease in your business.

Letter you can offer to businesses to encourage them to be Breastfeeding Friendly

Are you a community member, parent, customer, or breastfeeding supporter?  Get involved and let businesses know how much you value Breastfeeding Friendly businesses in your neighbourhood by giving them this letter.

Care to Share Using Social Media?

Download these graphics to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Right-Click, Save image)

BFB_Become_a_BFB BFB_Encourage_businesses

Additional Links

Ottawa Public Health Information Line 613-580-6744

La Leche League

Best Start Resource Centre

Ontario Human Rights Commission: Policy on Discrimination Because of Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Free, bilingual on-line course on Breastfeeding: If you are interested in learning more about breastfeeding this course is setup in an easy to access Topics format. Once you have successfully completed the course, you can request for a Completion Certificate.