Plant-a-Row, Donate-a-Row

How can we give more back to our communities?

This is a common question coming from community gardeners.  Luckily for us, it’s easy!  Just Plant-a-Row in your garden and after the harvest, Donate-a-Row!

Before you complete your garden plan, gardeners should seek out which local food cupboards or local food programs are near their gardens.  After determining the nearest food cupboard by using the Ottawa Food Bank’s Website’s tool, an interested gardener coordinator should contact them to find out how you can get fresh garden produce to them directly.  By contacting the food cupboard, you can ask what vegetables would be in particular demand to better suit there needs!

It’s that simple! 

Ottawa Plant-a-Row, Donate-a-Row Garden

Starting in 2017 at the Just Food Farm, there is a volunteer-run 1/4 acre Plant-a-Row, Donate-a-Row garden!

Large or small groups, individuals, community members – anyone is able to come and help out on this plot.  Maybe you’re looking for a larger activity day like Export Development Canada’s volunteer day in 2017 & 2018.

This is a good opportunity to garden when it suits you, learn gardening basics and give back to your community.

Anyone interested in volunteering, please contact the Community Gardening Network Coordinator at